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  • Are you looking for employees who:

    • will fulfil your expectation about the right employee from professional, experience and character perspective?
    • not only do their job but they do it with the enthusiasm and commitment?
    • have clean and tidy mind and attitude?
    • have realistic expectations?
    • alongside their education and experiences will also fit into your work team?
    • will fulfil not only professional expectation but as well character and personal expectation?
    • have positive and credible references?
    • have open mind and can be professionally formed?
    • will add value to your company?
    • will appreciate their job?

    If you have answered „yes“ to at least one of the above questions, you are at the right place...

    We carry out recruitment and selecting employees for our clients for various positions, from cleaners to top managers. Proportion for each type of the position is reflected in the current market requirements – we usually have more vacancies for non-managerial positions and for lower or middle management (builders, sales assistants, sales representative, team leaders...).

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