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  • Are you asking yourself following questions?

    • How to hire the right employee on the right place?
    • How to reduce fluctuation of employees?
    • How to change attitude and approach of employees?
    • How to select and train your successor?
    • How to avoid „burn out“ syndrome of your best employees?
    • How to increase employees’ efficiency?
    • How to persuade your employees to work in the relation to company`s aims and vision?
    • How to formulate and adjust organizational structure to increase efficiency of processes?
    • How to create and introduce functional and cost effective motivational system?
    • What is the most suitable company`s culture?
    • How to form and introduce desired company`s culture?
    • How to develop your employees? (when? who? how many?)
    • ...

    Our partners and consultants, based on their work experience, have proved ability to provide you consulting in human resources and management. The consulting provided by us is about specific solutions which will help and ease your way towards better results in a correlation to your operative, medium term and strategic objectives of your business. Moreover, we can gladly help you to form these objectives and vision or mission for your company.

    The most common forms of cooperation are:

    • consultations, workshops and brainstorming with owners, shareholders, managers and targeted employees
    • personal audit
    • 360 degree feedback
    • consulting in the field of organizational structure, running company (analyses of the current situation, a proposal of solutions for achieving desired situations, support during implementations of ideas)
    • consulting in the field of motivational systems (correction and improvement of existing systems, suggestion for a new method and the concept of motivation, support during implementation)
    • motivational interviews with employees
    • surveys of employees` comfort (survey, analyses, suggestion for improvement/solution)
    • assess and growths centre (assessment and development centre)
    • recognition of internal talents and their development (selection, suggestion and development of employees)
    • business and marketing consulting

    and many other activities which will be tailored to your needs.

    If you are interested in answering any of the above mentioned questions or you want to find out more about our suggestions and solutions, do not hesitate and contact us.