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    Principles of cooperation and ethical codex

    • We are decorous. For our clients, who use our services to find them the right employees, we provide 3 to 6 months assurance. If a client and new employee are parted during this period, we find another employee free of charge. More information about our guarantee and terms and conditions can be discussed in person.
    • We provide correct and true information.
    • We are discreet.

    We approach all information about our clients, their employees and potential new employees with the upmost confidentiality. We do not share any information without a client`s knowledge and approval and none of the gained information will be passed or sold to a third person. A bilateral assurance is the elementary presumption for our cooperation with clients. We realized it and it binds us. All collected information is understood as discreet and we keep them for us. Forever.

    • We put our client`s interests on a pedestal, even above ours one. Therefore we inform our clients about any circumstances which could influence or affect our services.
    • We present applicants as they really are. We do not depict them, nor do we calibrate them. We do no tell them what to say to maximise their chance of the success. We are not trying to sell applicants to our client. Our intention is to show the candidates as they really are. That is how they are going to act once they get a job...
    • On the other hand, we do not implant unrealistic expectations in our applicants. We do not alter the job description and conditions of work as it could result in a disappointment or even in leaving a company. Moreover, this kind of behaviour and turn of events could end up in damaging the employer (stress, ineffective use of time for training and adaptation of new employee, loss of employee at certain work position etc...) as well as it can harm employee ( stress, worsening of financial situation and so on...).
    • We are honest – we will tell you what we see and what we think, not what you want to hear.
    • We are pragmatical and critical/censorious. Our intention is to point out strengths and weakness of applicants. Moreover, if a client is interested, we can pinpoint defects in personal management in the company – discreetly and tactfully.
    • We are not looking for the „best“ applicant but for the most suitable one. Due to personal defects (attitude, irrational acceptation, inability to identify with your company, company`s culture...), even the most qualified applicant may not be the most suitable one.
    • In a case we do not share the same opinion with the client about selected candidate, we will openly speak about it. We are not subordinated to our clients, nor do we look for excuses. Our company has commitment to being a genuinely responsible towards our clients. (doesnt make sense.. I hope it is better now :).
    • We do not offer headhunting and executive search.

    We look for talents and pick out from available candidates, we do not steal them. During our professional career we were managing plenty of people and while providing consulting services, we have met a lot of successful and talented individuals. Moreover, we trained many employees on our seminars for personal development (business ability, managing people, time management, professional negotiation...) and we know about their potentials. These people invested their time and their employers invested money. Although, Slovak and Czech labour market is relatively big, while providing headhunting and executive search, there is always the risk of penetration in between our current or future customers. Therefore, we decided not to use this device which is so common for many personnel agencies.

    Our work practice, experience with managing and selection of employees, as well as know-how gained and used while training people gave us a huge competitive advantage even without the use of headhunting and executive search tools. We are looking for people who are unattached to a company or for people, who although are employed but are actively looking for a new job, for a change.