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  • There are three main options for recruitment and selection of employees:

    1/ Complex service of recruitment and selection of employees

    This is the most common service offered by our agency. It includes:

    • consultation with client to determine specific requirements for applicant(s)
    • contacting suitable candidates from our database and through targeted advertisement
    • processing dates from candidates
    • selecting those candidates who fulfil before specified criteria
    • first round of interviews with selected candidates (little final)
    • selecting the most suitable candidates, discreetly checking up their references
    • creating of profiles for candidates (review)
    • presenting of profiles for the most suitable candidates
    • second round of interview – lead by us with client`s presence (big final)
    • final decision in cooperation with client
    • suggestion for adaptation and implementation of employees into a work process.

    The whole process begins with specifying requirements for suitable candidate with a client. For making process easier, we offer to our clients consultations as well as forms with beforehand prepared specifications. In case that our clients creating a new work position, we will gladly help them with specification of requirements. From the moment when we get specification and requirements for a new employee, we are able to present a new, the most suitable candidate within 4-5 weeks. However, for certain work position which require a specific qualification (for example architect, engineer etc.) or position requiring applicant with a long term work experience (director, top management...) the time needed for presenting the most suitable candidate can be about 6 weeks. Nevertheless, even with the most specific requirements, we have not exceeded 8 weeks.

    For the most job vacancies in regions outside Bratislava, Prague and Brno, we usually have to process over 150 applications. Afterwards, we meet with about 25 selected candidates from which we select 3-10 the most suitable one for the big final. The final round of interviews is usually led by us with our client presented and occasionally asking some questions.

    During the final round of interviews there are always at least two members of our team and the interview is led either by one of the partner or by the senior consultant. This approach allows us to maintain a high quality and validity of selection and high success in new employees being loyal and efficient in their new job.

    2/ The final round of interviews

    This service is usually utilized by those clients who have their own database of candidates, conducted their own pre-selection, need a help with the final decision or need an advice which candidate is the most suitable one. Through our active presence in the final round of interviews, we offer our clients comfort, help them confirm or correct their decision. Moreover, we can point out critical areas for new candidates, pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages. Simply, our aim is to help our client to make the right decision.

    The content of this service includes following activities:

    • consultation with client about selected candidates
    • the final round of interview – led by us with a client`s presence (big final)
    • the final decision in cooperation with a client

    3/ Recruitment of employees

    This service is utilized by those clients who need to require a several new employees for the same position. It often includes job vacancies for builders, workers in manufacturing companies or in services. In case of recruitment, clients usually need a larger number of new employees which will become a part of bigger teams and will be systematically trained.

    Extend of services provided in a recruitment depends on requirements by a client.

    If you are interested in gaining more information about our personnel agency, please do not hesitate to contact us.