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  • For a better directness of our communication, you can choose the contact depending on information you require. You can find a direct contact on us in the top left corner. It will reduce wasting of your time and in getting you to contact the right person.

    In case that you are interested in general information, please contact us on:
    +421 944 590 101


    H.R.OMADA spol. s r.o.
    Prievidzská 33 
    Bojnice 97201 


    Reg. number: 45574804
    Tax reg. number: 2023065836 

    VAT reg. number: SK2023065836


    H.R.OMADA is registered in business register at county court in Trencin’s division: Sro Number: 23210/R

    H.R.omada spol. s r.o.

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