Thematic Trainings & Seminars

Trainings and seminars are focused on specific situations and areas in which people in your company lack confidence and determination.

We will adapt the content to the areas of your business and with the help of practical examples we will show employees proven procedures that will turn weaknesses into new skills.

Seminars for experienced salespeople.

Very practical seminars & trainings aimed at measurable improvement of the work of salespeople.


Managerial skills and people management

Valuable seminars & trainings improving the knowledge and skills of experienced as well as beginning managers.


Seminars for less experienced but also for experienced (but stuck) salespeople.

You know that: once you learn to do something wrong and develop an inappropriate habit, it will be difficult to get rid of it in the future. And imagine how much more money your salespeople would bring you if they did not repeat their inappropriate sales habits every day.


Leadership (how to be a leader and not "just" a manager)

Development program for managers who successfully master the managerial skills, but feel that they are still "only" managers for their subordinates rather than leaders. And they want toprogress.


Professional negotiation

Get inspired by experienced negotiators - whether you are negotiating with customers, suppliers or employees, remember the key principles of negotiation and learn also very advanced ways of negotiating.


Efficient and smooth communication

Specialized seminars & trainings tailored to specific companies and individuals, which will bring you improvement, strengthening of appropriate and effective communication.


First-class customer care

Practical seminars & trainings, the completion of which will help you increase the loyalty of your customers.

Inspirational Workshops

Discover the motivation for change


Develop your potential

About us

Get to know us better


Regular dose of inspiration


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