Managerial skills and people management

Valuable seminars & trainings improving the knowledge and skills of experienced as well as beginning managers.

Their exact content depends on which specific area you want to improve.

  • Participants of our trainings appreciate very practical, but especially effective information and procedures in many areas of managerial work, such as:
  • How to motivate properly and in the long run
  • How to set the appropriate remuneration (system settings, setting the appropriate KPIs)
  • How to choose suitable colleagues
  • How to properly set up and implement the adaptation process
  • Practically understand different management styles and know when, for whom apply which style to
  • How to find your way not only to the "hands" but also to the "hearts" of colleagues
  • How to communicate so that your colleagues want to work for you
  • How and with what to create a culture in which you would like your team to/

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