Seminars for experienced salespeople.

Very practical seminars & trainings aimed at measurable improvement of the work of salespeople.

Whether we talk about salespeople, sales representatives, regional sales managers, KAMs, company owners, sales director or even managing director...

You'll be amazed at how many new effective business principles and practices you can still successfully implement in your business ... and how they will impact your results.

The specific topics of seminars & trainings are based on wherever you feel the need for improvement for your salespeople is. However, we will be happy to carry out an analysis of the functioning of your salespeople for you and suggest areas, improvement of which will be reflected in your results the most.

Quite often we help experienced salespeople in the following areas:

  • How to make the acquisition of new customers even more successful
  • How to effectively analyze (even hidden) customer needs
  • How to sophisticatedly evoke customer needs
  • Change from presentation, pressure sales to consultative sales
  • How to effectively, yet still ethically influence your customers and "bring" them to buy your products and services
  • How to prepare an offer appropriately (to maximize the chances of your success)
  • How to negotiate correctly and successfully (so that you can fulfil your business plans)

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