Ing. Igor Hromada

  • Public Speakers University, London, United Kingdom, specialisation: public and media speaking

  • Technical University in Zvolen, specialisation: Corporate management with focus on: Marketing and business (Personnel management, corporate investments, International marketing and business) 
  • Slovak - native
  • English – fluently (commercial and technical)
  • German – passive
  • Russian – passive
Focus and professional experience

Igor is the founder and managing director of our company.

Since 2005, he has been successfully focusing on significantly improving the knowledge, skills of managers and salespeople. More than half of the participants at his development programs are from different countries outside the Slovak Republic and most of his seminars & trainings take place abroad in English.

Before founding his own company, he always worked in companies that were among the best and at the same time the most expensive in their segments. This has helped him sharpen his business and management skills to a level that makes him one of Europe's leaders in business development and management programs today. 

He also helps many of his clients as a mentor and advisor. When creating and setting up processes, systems in the field of management, business and HR. Yet often, he helps them especially in dilemmas and strategic decisions.

He has a huge and detailed overview of various sectors of the economy and business, which provides our customers with significant added value in development programs.

Our customers greatly appreciate the fact that they develop their knowledge and skills with the help of a number of practical examples from their own managerial life and their business. This significantly helps them to implement the acquired skills into their own managerial and business practice. It's also because everything he trains, he had to deal with during his career... Nonetheless, you certainly won't look at your watch during his development programs.

Moreover, he is often invited as a speaker at various events and corporate conferences.

The clients with whom he has long-term cooperation are from various industries: production, trade, services and transport.

With different focus: sales of goods and services (B2B, IEU, B2C), automotive, engineering, construction, logistics, FMCG, chemical industry, wood industry, food industry.

And with a different ownership structure and size: small, medium and large entrepreneurs in the hands of local, often family owners. But also internationally, shareholder-owned corporations.

Work experience 

From the start of his career Ing. Igor Hromada focused on business and marketing positions. The knowledge he has learned is present-day valuable knowledge about providing services (catering, Allianz), sophisticated technical solutions (Unitek-Miyachi) and managing and selling branded white good products (Electrolux, Husqvarna).

During his career he worked at different positions: sale assistant, logistic manager, sales representative, manager of sales for Slovakia and Czech Republic, director of sales for Slovakia and CEO. His corporate career ended in January 2008 when he was in charge of managing business, logistic and human resources in Husqvarna Slovakia.

Since 2003, he has been selecting his own teams of employees for a wide range of positions. He has trained many salesmen and managers, who today hold important positions in well-known companies. Many of his trustees were able to successfully accept the positions of CEOs, chairmen of boards of directors, business directors, but also mayors at a relatively young age.

From 2008 he has worked as a human resources specialist, interim manager and motivational speaker.

During his career so far, he has dealt with a number of business cases and marketing strategies. He has intensive experience with setting up business and HR processes.

Since 2013, he has primarily focused "only" on training of managerial and business skills. In addition, he also acts as a mentor and speaker.

The number of people interviewed by Ing. Hromada and people trained by him in seminars count to thousands.

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