Mgr. Branislav Hromada

  • Faculty of Arts, Comenius University, Bratislava, specialisation: Aesthetics - Philosophy (pedagogical specialization)
  • Internationally accredited Brief Coaching training - solution focused coaching. Under the leadership of renowned coaches Solutionsurfers: PhDr. Klára Giertlová PCC, PKcS (Tajov - Slovakia) and Dr. Peter Szabo MCC (Basel - Switzerland)
  • He is currently undergoing psychotherapeutic training at the DALET Institute in Olomouc, also in the direction of Solution Focused - ie in a solution-oriented approach.
  • Slovak - native
  • English – fluently (commercial and technical)
  • Spanish - active
  • German – passive
Focus and professional experience

Braňo helps organizations and individuals get where they want to be / fulfil their potential. He uses various techniques and methodologies (trainings and workshops, coaching, therapy, hypnotherapy, mentoring). He specializes in obtaining functional solutions for clients.

In the trainings, Braňo focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and skills in a very lively and interactive form. He emphasizes that their "learning" takes place on the realities of clients. He likes to use a combination of training and coaching approach. He trains 2 areas: professional business and managerial skills.

In inspiring workshops, it focuses less on the transfer of knowledge, but rather on the acquisition of skills, and above all, he inspires a change into attitudes.

He uses Brief Coaching and Solution Focused coaching, which encourages thinking about possible solutions much more than problems and obstacles.

Work experience:

He began to gather his career experience in the field of call centres. Before 2 projects green and brown field, in which he established and managing them as a manager, he also took up positions such as: operator and supervisor. In commercial call centres, he was responsible for the overall operation: HR - policy, database management and campaign profitability management.

Later, he worked as a Sales & Marketing manager in a PR agency, a sports centre providing comprehensive services for the general public.

He was also the branch manager of one of the world's two largest recruitment agencies. By managing people, streamlining processes and relationships with clients, he was responsible for the overall economic results of the branches.

Since 2014, he has been providing professional education and advice to clients in the form of: coaching, consultations, workshops and trainings.

During his career so far, he has dealt with a number of business cases and HR strategies. For the last 10 years, he has held various managerial positions, managing over 400 people and dozens of teams with different specializations.

Over the years of his experience, he has been confronted with green-field projects several times, where he has learned to overcome and solve various partial and complex challenges. He is the author of several original methodologies, trainings and products. Braňo is a person, who is strongly solution-oriented and with this life attitude he likes to bring added value to his clients.

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