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  • Are you dealing in your company with following challenges?

    • How can I have sales assistant instead of somebody, who just passes the product?
    • How can I actively sell our services instead of just offering them?
    • How can I have real sales representatives instead of employees, who just visit my business partners?
    • What can I do to improve efficiency of sales assistants, sales representatives or managers?
    • How to create a great relationship with customers which would lead towards their loyalty and repeated buying?
    • How to ensure that my employees will not offer unnecessary discount?
    • How to achieve that my employees will arrange or bargain better deals from my subcontractors, customers?
    • How to accomplish that our employees will orientate on results and not just use excuses why they cannot be achieved?
    • How to select the right employees?
    • How to improve leadership and form your employees?
    • to improve mine and my employees’ time management?
    • How to distribute certain tasks alongside the organisational structure together with the responsibility for its accomplishment?
    • How to steer clear of conflicts and when they cannot be avoided, how to deal with them?

    By providing programs of personal development through seminars, trainings and personal coaching we will increase value of employees in your company. We are concentrating on creating skills for employees on lower levels, managers and even for owners through the changing their approach and motivation for better results.

    We offer seminars, trainings and coaching in the following areas (in Slovak, Czech or English language):

    • Sales skills
    • Business skills
    • Managerial skills
    • Communication skills
    • Presentation techniques
    • Professional negotiations
    • Leading and managing people
    • Customer service
    • Telemarketing, sales over the phone
    • Capturing, attracting new customers
    • Dealing with stress and conflict situation
    • ...

    Have you ever experienced that after investing into a personal development of your employees, nothing has changed or that their skills and knowledge do not reflect into their work practices.

    The content of our seminars and trainings is always adapted to the level of participants, their specific work situation or particular aims and goals which are to be achieved by their company. For example, even though principles which are used by sales assistant with high-end, luxury goods are the same as principles for the sales assistant with fast moving consumer goods, particularity and range of sales skills are different. We know about these differences and therefore we always prepare our training, its content and activities on the ground of requirements set by a client. Moreover, our intention is to achieve a comprehensive progress of a whole group of employees as well as the development of each individual.

    We do not offer templates of programs and we do not offer the same solution for everyone. Therefore, you do not have to worry that your employees will come back from our training or seminar unaffected. You can trust us that the required change will happen!

    We will be delighted to meet you and explain you how can we help in the field of personal development of your employees.