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  • „We`ve got sense for people“ is Slovak folk saying which means we know appraise people. This is not only our marketing slogan in the field of personnel agency.

    The real content behind this saying is that partners and consultants of H.R.OMADA Ltd are qualified and experienced specialists. They are not only educated in the field of human resources, business, retail, marketing and personal development but also they worked or still work at various positions from the middle to the top management. The work experience, together with the education, offer us sort of the sixth sense, added value - to have sense for people – to look at your needs and applicants not only from personal and psychological perspective but as well from our pragmatic experiences gained in managerial practice.

    During our work practice we have selected and consequently led and managed employees in following fields:

    • storage and logistics (logistic managers, buying managers, buyers, storage managers, storekeeper...)
    • retail: sales and services (team leaders and sales assistants, customer service assistant, sales representatives...)
    • marketing (coordinators, marketing and creative specialist, product managers, merchandisers...)
    • bookkeeping (head accountants, economical managers, payroll accountants...)
    • human resources (HR manager a consultant)
    • manufacture and building industry (engineers, production workers and builders)
    • consulting (financial, insurance, multi-level marketing)
    • tourism (agents, representatives)
    • other

    Many of the above mentioned positions were also successfully filled for our clients.

    We would be delighted to help you and select the right employees for you as well.

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