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  • The establishment of H.R.OMADA Ltd in 2010 was just simple graduation of professional activities which Ing. Igor Hromada, Ing. Jozef Tokár BA(Hons) and Mgr. Ivana Cisárová were performing individually for their employers in five different countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland).

    The idea to establish the company arose from incredible professional and human synergy of partners. This synergy ascended from the whole spectrum of knowledge and experiences which all associates gained during their managerial career as well as from previous cooperation, interpersonal relationship, energy and team spirit. Another reason for the company to be set up, paradoxically, was the current financial crisis. The development of the economic situation from 2009 has increased employers` demand for the quality of their employees, their effectivity and always needed results.

    Our clients positively apprehended and still apprehend fusion of our activities under one company. Moreover, even the most experienced human resource specialist cannot offer such a scale of quality services as can be offered by the team of specialists whose human resources knowledge and consulting abilities were brushed and shaped by their managerial practice. Our experiences allow us to look at problems and processes which you are dealing with from your perspective. Consequently, it allows us to prepare and execute quality and effective solutions.